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How Zerodrytime Cleaning System Works

For effective carpet maintenance, a system that first vacuums and second dissolves and simultaneously removes soil is necessary.

“Dry” Extraction Carpet Cleaner is formulated to dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soils and then to absorb these soils. It is a modern-day product that has evolved after more than 50 years of research.

There are important reasons why it works.

The cleaner is a soft, organic, natural product consisting of millions of absorbent “sponges.” These are moistened with a unique emulsion of water, detergent, deodorant and safe-to-use solvent. The millions of tiny sponges do a double-duty job. First, they carry the cleaning chemicals to the fibres. Host controls the amount of moisture. It does not soak carpet fibres.

The Machine brushes the moist cleaning sponges up, down, over and around the carpet fibres. The chemicals contact all surfaces of the soiled fibres, breaking the oil bond and dissolving the soil. As brushing continues, the sponges now wipe the dissolved soil away from the fibers. The action is similar to a moist sponge used to wipe up spills in a kitchen.

The sponges in the second part of their double duty job hold the dissolved soil until they are removed by vacuuming. The few sponges that remain are 100% organic will fall to the base of the carpet where they are removed in later vacuuming.

Carpets do not resoil as quickly because there is no sticky residue to grab and hold fresh soil. Because the Host system does not contribute to resoiling, regular, frequent vacuuming keeps the carpet cleaner for longer.

Strictly limiting the water used means that carpets are dry after cleaning. The sponges absorb soil and no soil is left in solution at the base of the carpet – so soil cannot wick back to the carpet surface to reappear as a spot some time later.

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