Our history


Our History

Zero Dry Time professional carpet cleaning services provides you with environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our services are based on technically proven advanced cleaning solutions for your home, business and commercial needs. 

Our service offers a genuine dry organic system which controls the moisture used. This means no more wet carpets, no more hours and overnight airing, immediate use of your carpets straight after your professional dry cleaning process. 

Originating from the North East, Zero Dry Time has grown into a national cleaning company with operators across the UK. 


Hit 65 Franchises

Hit 65 franchises in the first quarter of the year.

Hit 60

Hit 60 franchises and first franchise in the Republic of Ireland. New leather recolouring & restoration services started.

End of year

Finish the year with 51 franchises and growing steadily.

46 Franchises

46 Franchises to date. Introduce new sonic cleaning technology to the Franchise, the machines let us specialise in all aspects of hard floor cleaning, this gives our franchisees 4 areas to promote to when in the field, Carpets, Upholstery, Wooden Floors, Hard floors.

Franchise shows at the British Franchising Association

Decide to get involved with the Franchise shows and British Franchising Association, attending four UK based shows to accelerate our growth.

New Office Premises

24 Franchises, New office premises taken, Julie Muirhead joins as full-time office Manager, warehouse space taken to help with the growing demand of our busy franchises. Ireland opens up with our first Franchise

First International Franchise Setup

New Zealand our first international Franchise is set up. More new products added to our cleaning range. Sand-less wooden floor restoration added as a new service.

16 Franchises

16 Franchises, Working with our chemists develop our unique new product, Encapsulating chemical that lets us clean, sanitise, deodorise and stain protect in one easy action.

14 Franchises

14 Franchises, We Introduce new machines with a low moisture method to clean huge commercial areas rapidly. Also, sees us finding a UK based chemist to manufacture and help introduce new products to help make the carpets and upholstery easier to clean.

7 Franchises

7 Franchises, realise new techniques and products being used in the USA could also work well in the UK. Travelled to Philadelphia USA and returning with the sole rights to supply the products in to the UK. New products give us the edge over our competitors.

Yusuf and the Adeo Group start

Yusuf and the Adeo Group start with online and offline marketing, graphic design and web services.

Dean Davis joins as Director

Dean Davis joins as Director, also our first franchisee, Phil Gibson, from a clothes dry cleaning background servicing hotels in the North East joins us.

Started experimenting with dry carpet cleaning

Started experimenting with dry carpet cleaning, realise huge niche market. ZDT incorporated – the journey begins, Carpet and upholstery cleaning only.

ACME Contract Cleaning

David gets ask more and more for carpet cleaning services. Got asked continuously… how long will they take to dry.

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