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Our latest COVID-19 updates

zerodrytime COVID 19 update

UPDATE 19/07/2021:

Whilst we all want to get back to “normal”, the pandemic is far from over. Protecting our customers' well-being and that of our team is so important to us, and so is creating an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

As a company we will continue to adhere to the guidelines we have been following for the past few months. This will help to ensure that our staff, families and customers are all kept as safe as possible.

Staff will be required to continue wearing mouth and nose coverings (unless exempt), although this can now also be in the form of a visor or face shield. We will also keep at least 1 metre distance where possible.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Zerodrytime will continue to operate it's full services, working in safe ways for our customers and staff. Our cleaning services will continue as usual in both domestic and commercial premises until we are instructed otherwise by the UK Government. 

Before we visit or enter your home we will continue to ask if you have any Coronavirus symptoms or if you are self-isolating.

When we are in your home we’ll maintain a safe distance and we’ll wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

We’ll maintain a safe social distance and ask you to stay in a separate room. We will complete our work as quickly as we can when we visit.

Zerodrytime is committed to doing everything we can to keep our customers and communities safe.

For any enquiries you have, please contact your local technician.

Domestic & Commercial Cleaning During Coronavirus Questions


“Are you still open?”

Yes, we are open and will stay open unless we are told otherwise.


“Can you still clean my carpets, sofas and floors?”

At the present time we are still offering all our services to our customers while following government guidelines.


“Is it worth having my carpets cleaned during this crisis?”

Cleaning any of your soft furnishings is certainly beneficial to you at any time, particularly during the current climate.

As an added benefit we apply sanitiser to the items cleaned at no additional cost.

Your items will be deep cleaned, deodorised and sanitised.


“What are you doing about the social distancing guidelines?”

All our team members are adhering to these guidelines.

  1. We will keep at least 1 metre (where possible, 2 metres) away from you
  2. No handshake greetings or contact with customers
  3. We ask that you stay out of the rooms where cleaning is being carried out by our technicians.

“Have your staff been tested for the virus?”

None of our team are showing any of the symptoms of the virus and we are monitoring everyone daily.

We use handwash, NHS grade BioTab Sanitiser solution and X-Mist Sanitiser sprays before and after each quote or job.

Masks are used during every job, and all equipment is sanitised before and after each job we do.


“Have you increased your prices like a lot of shops have?”

No, we are not taking advantage of this situation by increasing prices.

As always we are applying our sanitiser to carpets and upholstery at no additional cost.

We hope this helps to answer any concerns you may have. If you do have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask your local technician.


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